Татьяна (lady_tiana) wrote,

Перепост с Фейсбука, возможно, кого-то заинтересует эта возможность.

Dear Friends, we are looking for an individual to join us on our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, to start on October 28th. A roommate is needed. We can re-arrange the room assignement based on wether it is going to be a male or a female. If you know of someone, please write to me at once. Pilgrimage truly promises to be a blessing, with a multitude of sites scheduled to visit in Israel and in Jordan. Please re-post! Thank you! Fr. Ilya Gotlinsky

Сроки поездки: с 28 октября по 10 ноября. Стоимость приблизительно 2000 долларов плюс билет до Тель-Авива и обратно.
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